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  1. I just installed my retrax pro xr last night on my 2020 Trail Boss. As I was solo and did not have a second pair of hands, took a tip from another poster and used a couple 5gal buckets. Worked pretty well: I also added a pocket cover on the read bed stake holder first. I'll put up a final later. Only issue I had was the drain tubes, they do not fit in the holes in the bed. I'm going to step them down with an adapter.
  2. I've had this close to a year, and still am happy with it. The canvas style unit velcros together, is fairly rigid, fits the "hump" space perfectly, and is low profile /stable in its position.
  3. This is the unit I bought, Go Gear (not Go Go sorry) https://www.etrailer.com/Car-Organizer/Hopkins/CNSLPLUS-BLA.html
  4. Missed this post. Looks great man. Might do the same.
  5. Thats great. Thanks for the update. I guess my last question is clearance when in reverse as others with other tires have seen with the 295/70/18 size. Still no rubbing for you? Appreciate the feedback!
  6. Looks perfect. x2 for me on holding off on leveling mods. You still happy with the Toyo's on the stock suspension and rake? I'm looking to do the same on mine.
  7. Just picked up my 2020 Trail Boss and concur. Storage Sucks. I'm ordering a Weathertech under rear seat box PN WT4S005. I did see on another post where for 2019, the bench seat "back" has a replacement part that has a lid. Looks like exactly the same part for 2020 but part 84756948. Can't find it anywhere for sale . I've looked for a floor Console, but can't seem to find one that looks right to me yet Anyone finds an option for that, let us know. Update: I did add the "Go Go" front floor console. Works well and was cheap.
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