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  1. Factory spray bed liner seems pretty tough in my truck. And I’ve thrown all sorts of things in there. Granted it’s a 2017 and not that old?
  2. 2020 HD and Pontiac Aztek

    Good friends of the family bought an Aztec years ago. I’ve looked at them weirdly since.
  3. Just got this e-mail. I feel like a little kid running around toys r us. Except I’m an adult, and there’s no toy store. Ok so I’m running around my house. Your Silverado has a firm build week of this week. That is some time between today and Monday February 11th. Please feel free to contact us whenever we can assist you. Best Regards
  4. So my salesman emailed my ordered number to me. Where exactly can I go to sign up for email updates? GM chat? And ask them?
  5. How do you guys find out the TPW and order status of your truck? Dealer told me they placed the order last week. Is there anyway I can track it?
  6. As of right now. GM Canada is giving me an extra 750$ off due to the Montreal International Auto show going on here.
  7. Ordered my Custom Trail Boss crew cab this week in the color Northsky Blue. Can't wait for it to arrive. Anyone roughly know how long it takes from production to it shipping from the plant?
  8. I currently own a double cab with a standard bed. Ill be trading it in with for a crew cab with a short box. Although the standard bed is nice. Personally I find a crew cab truck with a standard bed to be a little too long for me. Parking can be annoying sometimes.
  9. So hopefully ill be ordering my Custom trail boss crew cab this week, and I had a question about storage. Last week I went to test drive a trail boss LT (they had no Custom trims on the lot) That's fine, I just wanted a feel for the size of the vehicle and seeing one up close. But I was wondering about storage space. Seeing as the Custom is a bench seat, Is there any form of storage in the center arm rest or below the arm rest in the center bench seat? I only ask because I saw a dealer youtube video where there wasn't a storage bin in the center front seat. Can anyone confirm this? Also, does the center arm rest have a storage compartment? Thank you
  10. Not a Chevy, or truck commercial. But its still GM. That 80s beat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTalBQpyua4
  11. The trail boss has a 2 speed transfer case.
  12. Rear window leak

    You laugh about the air filter thing. But it’s true. I’m a tech for Subaru and we’ve seen issues with clients putting on those cone air filters causing the engine to hesitate under hard acceleration. Swapped it out for the stock filter. Issue resolved

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