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  1. No issues to report here. 2019 Trailboss Custom 5.3L
  2. Fender trims cause rust long term. Well, up north in the winter climates anyways.
  3. So does anyone know what production dates are affected by this? So far in the other thread it seems to be November 2018 production
  4. Hauled some old dry wall to the dump. Doesn't show in the picture, but the trailer is full, and it rained over night, so I guess you can say it was wet wall? Love this truck. P.S: love that that Custom trim doesn't have Auto start/stop.
  5. I miss the days when a radio was a radio, and not a computer.
  6. All I have are Dirty pictures of mine. But im loving the truck. Way better over my 2017 WT. (I did love my 2017) But this one is just better in every way. Just wish it had a mechanical floor 4x4 shifter like my old one.
  7. I guess it’s not available in Canada yet then
  8. Thanks. Called the dealer. They told me touch up paint for my color doesn’t exist yet. Great.
  9. Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows what the paint code for the new north sky blue is? The dealer told me to look in the glove box. But that sticker with all the codes isn’t there. Nor is there a paint code on the B pillar with the vehicle fabrication info. Does anyone know the paint code? thank you
  10. Factory spray bed liner seems pretty tough in my truck. And I’ve thrown all sorts of things in there. Granted it’s a 2017 and not that old?
  11. Good friends of the family bought an Aztec years ago. I’ve looked at them weirdly since.
  12. Just got this e-mail. I feel like a little kid running around toys r us. Except I’m an adult, and there’s no toy store. Ok so I’m running around my house. Your Silverado has a firm build week of this week. That is some time between today and Monday February 11th. Please feel free to contact us whenever we can assist you. Best Regards
  13. So my salesman emailed my ordered number to me. Where exactly can I go to sign up for email updates? GM chat? And ask them?

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