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  1. So a friend of mine that works for CN Rail texted me saying my truck moved from Flint to Montreal on May 3rd. Its either still on the rail car or in the yard, but at least its here! Question now, how long before it gets to the dealer
  2. Here I am waiting 7 months while this guy gets his truck after 7 weeks WTF GM
  3. Oh mine was built in January, then thrown into the pile of missing parts
  4. Mine is low level. It’s a custom crew cab gasser.
  5. I've been waiting 7 months for my truck.......still waiting.
  6. I Personally dont use them, because if someone wants your wheels, they'll take them with or without that lock nut. They are really easy to remove.
  7. The conversation between my sales rep and I today.
  8. Drove by the local dealership. They had a bunch of new refreshed 1500s on the lot. Nice to know GM focused on building those first before completing 2500s that have been sitting for months. Pretty upsetting
  9. Jesus, I've been waiting 6 months for my truck, and am still waiting. Congrats on getting yours.
  10. You got lucky? I ordered a 2500 Custom, gas in September. With hardly any options. Still nothing. All I have is a VIN saying its built. It has been slotted as "Missing Parts". That was in January.
  11. My sales rep told me that the status was switched to missing parts. And that he’d update me as soon as he knows more. All I have from the truck right now is my VIN lol.
  12. Sorry to shoot down your hopes. Just got word from my truck being in transit to stuck in Detroit with the missing parts status. I guess I’ll get it who knows when.
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