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  1. GM seems to be moving very slowly (in Canada anyways) nothing seems to be on the lots. A few old gen trucks left and maybe the same 2 T1 trucks since the launch. Nothing seems to be coming in and no real incentives to get people to look at 2019s. Good way to give business to Ford and Ram.
  2. Where Is The Crew Cab Standard Box Models

    Man those crew cab trucks with the standard bed look so long.
  3. I’m hesitant between another black pick up or north sky blue. The blue seems to change colour depending on lighting.
  4. Built a custom trail boss 5.3L crew cab short box. Comes to 49k. Almost the same price as my current double cab before the incentives
  5. Could you snap a pic of the north sky blue?
  6. Finally eh! https://www.chevrolet.ca/2019-silverado-1500-pickup-truck.html
  7. 19' Silverado Double Cab

    Let us know if you spot any trail boss custom trims
  8. Frame worry

    what happens when you need to change a flat? will the frame bend? lol.
  9. Yeah but when you lease it and it has problems, you just give it back and it’s not your issue anymore. It’s better than buying it flat out to be stuck with something that can be potential headaches
  10. Screamed like a little girl when I saw the custom trail boss
  11. Question is would you feel safe towing at max capacity in a 1500? Wouldn’t a 2500 be better suited?
  12. Think the blue is still the best looking. They overkilled red as their promotional vehicle

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