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  1. I love the look without the air dam. When I got my 18 I took it off-roading and I took a bump too fast and smashed up the air dam. Told myself “I didn’t really like it anyway” and just kept going. Lol I’ve made a plan to take it off and install this skid plate along with a level, probably the Bilstein 5100’s but that’ll be next year. I love the look of their white truck since it’s the exact same as mine. Gives me goosebumps just looking at it!! SDHQ is a local shop so I’ll gladly give them my business. [emoji1598] https://sdhqoffroad.com/collections/07-18-chevy-gm-1500-sdhq-built-products/products/16-2018-chevy-1500-sdhq-built-skid-plate
  2. It’s so beautiful up there! My brother works at the mine up there. It would have been awesome to be able to do some 4 wheelin while there. [emoji1598]
  3. Love those high desert Az mountains. [emoji1360] I’ve still got to take my truck up there. Can’t wait to do some shed hunting!
  4. Mine hasn’t, but then again I’m in Arizona. [emoji23]
  5. Hey man, have you checked to make sure the hotspot isn’t turning off on your iPhone or that the connections are being terminated by it? I’ve been using the hotspot from my iPhone for a while and I’ve noticed that occasionally if I’m not doing much on my MacBook, my phone will shut off the connection. Maybe this is happening in your situation. I’ll try this out on my 2018 tomorrow to see if I can duplicate the issue you’re having.
  6. Missed it by a day...I own my own business (home theater, automation and other low voltage) selling my 2010 and got a 2018. Still looks good for 180k miles
  7. From my understanding, those units have an audio sensing turn on feature. When the music starts, the device is enabled and starts working. When there is no signal for a period of time, it shuts down.
  8. Here’s one for ya. I bought a set of 285/70/17’s for my 2010 2 wheel drive. Rode great, really quiet and a good semi-soft tire. I put a lot of highway miles on them back and forth from Cali and Vegas back here to Arizona. Took them off-road when I could and although they started chunking off when I got into big boulder type rocks, they rarely got me stuck. They had the cracking on all of them if I remember correctly also. One thing I didn’t do as often as I should was have them rotated. They tend to start cupping which was the source of the only road noise I ever had. I drove those things into the ground when my wife called and said she had a flat. Tread had actually come off of one [emoji51]. Best part, I got over 70k miles on them! The guy at discount was shocked when he looked it up. I thought about buying something cheaper but ended up getting the exact same tires again. I have never owned a set of A/T’s before but it’s gonna be pretty hard getting me to switch now. [emoji1360]
  9. Sub’d. Very interested since this will be mixed usage for me as well. Off-road during the hunting seasons as well as occasional playing but mainly highway mileage. I’m also not looking to spend that much. Thanks for all the ideas guys, love the forums for these types of interactions. [emoji1598]
  10. How much do those usually run? What is your price?I had an i2 Diablo tuner in my 2010 and it worked well. The newest version is the i3 but I don’t know anything about it. I’ll dig into the actual differences when I’m ready to buy but for now it doesn’t hurt to ask. [emoji1360]
  11. Hey man, I know this is old and you probably already have had your questions answered but I am local here. What did you need? I just picked up an 18 Z71 in Summit White. I am looking into doing the skid plate from SDHQ.
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