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  1. Sub’d. Very interested since this will be mixed usage for me as well. Off-road during the hunting seasons as well as occasional playing but mainly highway mileage. I’m also not looking to spend that much. Thanks for all the ideas guys, love the forums for these types of interactions. [emoji1598]
  2. How much do those usually run? What is your price?I had an i2 Diablo tuner in my 2010 and it worked well. The newest version is the i3 but I don’t know anything about it. I’ll dig into the actual differences when I’m ready to buy but for now it doesn’t hurt to ask. [emoji1360]
  3. Hey man, I know this is old and you probably already have had your questions answered but I am local here. What did you need? I just picked up an 18 Z71 in Summit White. I am looking into doing the skid plate from SDHQ.
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