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  1. It's a tape on install...so far no issues.
  2. Still happy with it:) Tweaked the LC2I a bit for the bass, but no complaints...it gets plenty loud and it's clean with no distortion. I re-reading my post, I tapped the rear door speaker on the passenger side for the sub. Good luck!!!
  3. Pull the door sill plates on the front and rear door it will give you room to access the wire bundle. The wire bundle has a T intersection that feeds the right rear speaker, locks and window. I tapped it there and ran it to the LC2 which acts as an RCA converter for your amp and the remote power on. FYI, my amp turns on when you use the remote to unlock the doors/open the door, and the signal will keep the LC2/Amp on for 3-4 minutes after you close the door/or lock the vehicle...guess this is normal from what I've read. If I get bored, I will move the remote power on to the fuse box where I found a good ignition tap. I removed the passenger seat completely to give me better access.
  4. Yes, that solobaric will pound even at low volumes. I'm going to use a strap of some sort to keep it down and from moving. Good luck!
  5. In the pic, I haven't removed the jack fixture, so it will scoot back another 3 inches. You can see the gap on the left...it will sit flush all the way back.
  6. My bad...3 1/2. I remember seeing something that the seat back wasn't meant to be removed...i.e. very hard to get to everything. I'll take a pic of the sub under the seat.
  7. Speakers were a night and day difference. Once you take the stock speakers out, you'll wonder how they even made sound as poorly as they are made. The magnets on them were so small. Swapping the rear door speakers may not even need a sub for some, but mine was just sitting there so I threw it in. The dash speaker is a 2 1/2 inch-ish speaker so mine sounds more like a mid-range with the bass removed, which I like...I've had some tweeters the are just too much high freq you can hear coming from that area. I'm not really brand specific for loyalty, but the Kenwood speakers were designed for this type of application and they do sound good. 2 1/2 tweeter and 6x9 mid. The rear door speakers allegedly roll off base when turned up, which I believe to be true as the LC2i has a certain point that the bass comes back in as you turn it up. The Kenwood speakers were $200 at a local stereo shop, much cheaper than Crutchfield, and Amazon is not an authorized reseller so I went local with them.
  8. I replaced the front dash and door speakers with a Kenwood set KFC-XP6903C. They sound great and I don't really think it needs an amp for my use....gets loud enough without distortion. The dash speakers were a direct bolt in (I clipped the plug off the stock speakers and re-wired into the Kenwood leads) and the 6x9 was bolt in after you snip the bracket down to fit the Chevy. I had a 10" solobaric in a box that I transferred from my 4 runner that fits perfectly under the rear seat. Running that with a 200W per channel amp...again, more than enough for me. I used an LC2i to convert the rear door speaker signal to RCA and add the bass frequencies back. The LC2i lets you bring back the bass that the stock system cuts out...quite a few you tube videos on it. Amp and LC2i are under the passenger seat, just took the entire seat out to make it easier. Wasn't too bad...took a bit of time to make sure it was all right and tidy. I also used a marine battery switch to use as a disconnect from my battery to my amp and lights. The set he sells in the link I posted is two plugs with wire that basically intercepts the stock signal to send to an amp, and then sends the amp signal back to the speakers. I'm not a super audio snob, but I like it to sound good, and just the Kenwood speakers makes a huge difference in the quality of sound. The bass fills in the low end details. I'll relate any further details as I did them if you want. Speakers: https://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/excelon/kfc-xp6903c/ LC2i: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-iYnQ89AlBFZ/p_161LC2IB/AudioControl-LC2i-Black.html?XVINQ=GW3&XVVer=67A&awcp=&awcr=396288658483&awdv=c&awkw=lc2i&awmt=e&awnw=g&awug=1013442&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3qzzBRDnARIsAECmryo_TZAiVMyg7oO4CSi8zkQ3WV8g4Z8s0RAw2X201h3TNyzZtB-z3QwaAk32EALw_wcB Sub: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_206TL7S102/Kicker-44TL7S102.html
  9. https://lljcustoms.com/ He makes a harness that plugs in....has several options for it. I was going to order one, but settled on replacing the front 4 speakers and adding an amp/mtx solobaric.
  10. Mine uses a bolt with nut welded to a plate. It goes inside the stake bed with a huge bolt into the plate and the horizontal base bolts to it. Here is the link to their tonneau cover adapter: https://backrack.com/tonneau-cover-adaptors.html
  11. Well, took two tries, but UPS finally delivered the base today. Here are some pics...I have a tool box, so I snapped a few before I moved the box into position. Road trips with 3 GSP's and launching a boat at early morning necessitate the lights...lol. I used the "fit my truck" on the BackRack site and found the part numbers on Amazon....cheaper shipping with Prime.
  12. May not be what you're looking for, but I have a basic Backrack coming in soon...I'll throw a pic up after install.
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