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  1. George Soros and Co.
  2. Well......why DID it start in China then?......also seemed to hit Iran pretty hard too, so what do they have in common?
  3. My stepson was visiting today, he's a mechanic in Maine and we took it for a ride. He is convinced the noise is just a rattling heat shield and/or possibly the CAT degrading inside.
  4. Well I finally emptied the gas tank and refilled with 93 octane, drove it 30 miles on the highway and it ran fine like normal for high speed, but once I got off the interstate it does the same thing.....so its not bad gas or low octane......I bet it has something to do with what Doug Scott mentioned in the first reply, I don't have a scan tool or propane bottle so i'll have to find a mechanic that does, hopefully they don't get all pissy when I try to tell them what I think is wrong!!.......so could a vacuum leaking intake gasket cause these symptoms?
  5. I couldn't force myself to hit the brake while my right foot was on the gas, it's like something that was drilled into my head 40+ years ago......like not pointing a gun at someone, loaded or not!!
  6. Well I tried downshifting into 3rd gear from drive at the speed when it was making the "dieseling" noise and it went away, however I discovered that it's making that noise in every gear once it warms up until I give it more gas, so i'm thinking now it may be that low octane problem?.....or maybe it needs new plugs?.......I bought it from the original owner a few months ago but I don't think he took care of it, I will pull some plugs when I have time and report back........it's not a loud noise but you can tell something is off, but when you give it gas it goes away, not hard enough to downshift just a little extra gas....Weird
  7. I will try the brake pedal thing tomorrow and post results, Thanks!
  8. I generally do run my tank to near empty before refills, but I don't use the same station and occasionally the truck will sit for a couple weeks without use in the Florida heat.....what if next time I refill with a higher octane or add some octane booster and see if the knocking goes away?.....Thanks for your help : )
  9. My Silverado shortbed 4.3 has 95k miles and runs fine, idles well, has decent pickup, but when driving at 30-40 the engine loses a little power and makes what i'm calling a dieseling noise, almost like a pinging from bad gas "back in the day".....it's not a knocking sound, more like a rattle, but when I let off the accelerator just a little bit the noise stops and of course the truck slows down a little.....the noise also stops if I give it some gas, but them i'm going to fast in residential areas.......it also seems to get really crappy gas mileage for basically an empty truck, it's not loaded down, no trailer, just one passenger.......it almost seems like its in 4th gear and shouldn't be there yet??.....someone told me it might be the intake gasket, but its not leaking coolant anywhere inside or out......anybody have any ideas?
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