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  1. Have you experienced any vibration at lower speeds with shackles? Just received Maxtrac shackles for my '20 RST but am scared to get installed after reading about vibration.
  2. Yes spacers were essential as it does rub without. No vibrations noted however..rides great. Studs plenty long. Was a little bothered by having to run spacers but got such a good price on wheels i got over it. BTW I think I saw where EBay had same price listed for what I got for...$790 to my door. Also read somewhere where an installer grounded calipers down ALOT after buying and researching/disecting an oem caliper and had no ill effects. Forgot where I read this. Hope this helps.
  3. Custom Offsets. 4play cv43 gloss black. 3/8"hubcentric spacers added to order for $63. Ride great..no vibration. Got for unbelievable price.
  4. Yes they'll fit fine. Mine just look a little small however, that's why I'm considering either 275 50 or 305 45.
  5. IMO 285 50 22s are the best looking size 22 on both silv and Sierra. Just wish they made a 4 ply street tire that wasnt so expensive.
  6. Hey guys check out my latest mod. I was tired of the tiny storage container that Chevy provided so I built my own then had it carpet wrapped at my local car audio store. I enjoy working with wood so it was fun for me. Just takes an 8' 1x12, construction paper for a pattern, some patience and a few hours. More than tripled my storage.
  7. I'm in Western KY. Almost bought the Alenzas on EBay but I've heard they're not that great for the $$. Thinking about going with Radar on Simple tire. Got great reviews and is 60k tire.
  8. Would love some 285 50s but all ive found are really expensive and 10 ply which is gonna kill mpg. Thats why I thought about 305 45s but the width is gonna also kill mpgs. Probably settle with 275 50s.
  9. 285 45 22s on oem replicas. I went the budget route to get me into some 22s. Now im wanting to upgrade for a little more sidewall to either 275 50 or 305 45s. What y'all think?
  10. I also have the black version for my short bed RST. As I assessed some factory boards at the dealer I noted that my boards are lighter and hollowed out inside. But..for $165 free shipping on [email protected] vs $800 at the dealer it was a no brainer for me. I like em. Sorry..wish I had closer pic on my truck.
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