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  1. I'm in Western KY. Almost bought the Alenzas on EBay but I've heard they're not that great for the $$. Thinking about going with Radar on Simple tire. Got great reviews and is 60k tire.
  2. Would love some 285 50s but all ive found are really expensive and 10 ply which is gonna kill mpg. Thats why I thought about 305 45s but the width is gonna also kill mpgs. Probably settle with 275 50s.
  3. 285 45 22s on oem replicas. I went the budget route to get me into some 22s. Now im wanting to upgrade for a little more sidewall to either 275 50 or 305 45s. What y'all think?
  4. I also have the black version for my short bed RST. As I assessed some factory boards at the dealer I noted that my boards are lighter and hollowed out inside. But..for $165 free shipping on [email protected] vs $800 at the dealer it was a no brainer for me. I like em. Sorry..wish I had closer pic on my truck.
  5. Just received 285 45 22s. Sitting in garage awaiting day off so I can get installed. Measured unmounted and are 31.75 x 12". Didn't realize they were that wide. Supposed to be a little over 11". Will they narrow up a bit once mounted? I was considering going with a 305 45 22 instead but looks like these will be plenty wide already.
  6. Can High Country fit bigger tires than RST? Both 4wd of course. Asking because i saw where a 305 45 22 tire fit on stock suspension High Country. Wondering if it would also fit on RST.
  7. Looks really good without being "too aggressive". Id like to go this route next tire change. Is this stock suspension? Also how has it affected ur mpg's?
  8. 305 45 22 is 32.8 x 12 tire. Was just concerned about fitment and extra width sucking mpg. Kinda wanted to decide before installing so no regrets. Thanks for input so far.
  9. To be completely honest I checked that size and prices are double that of 285 45 22 and 305 45 22s. I just cant see me paying that much for tires. Budget minded I guess.
  10. Hey guys ive ordered some black oem replica +24 offset 22s for my pearl RST. Also ordered 285 45 22 tires. After posting on here about future upgrade to 305 45 22s I was told by 2 members that they would work fine with my stock 4wd suspension. So now im considering returning the 285s and ordering the 305s. I think they would fill the wells out better and not look so anemic. 0.8" wider and taller. Should ride better too with more rubber. What y'all think? Will it kill my mpg's?
  11. Would really prefer to just leave this truck stock but really like how that tire looks and they're a cheaper tire as well.
  12. What is the smallest amount of level I would need to run 305 45 22s? 1"? 1.5"?
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