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  1. Same! -wow I thought I was hearing things! Every day the last couple of weeks.
  2. Awesome! - thanks for the lead - I just ordered a set!
  3. ok - well I was willing to try the SLT grill with the AT4 trim piece - but if I have to order it all together I can live with that - lol. I may have missed it - but what is the part # for the whole grill assembly? Appreciate the help!
  4. Guys - looking to do the same on my black SLT. So you posted the black hood trim piece - thank you. What about the black trim piece that goes around the other 3 sides of the grill? mine is chrome but if you know that part # I'd was hoping you could share it and any info on the install??? thanks Brian
  5. I had the exact same issue on 2020 2500 Sierra. Just replaced with this harness and plug from etrailer. Everything works! https://www.etrailer.com/Custom-Fit-Vehicle-Wiring/GMC/Sierra+2500/2020/HM41157-75.html?VehicleID=20205001727
  6. Hi Guys, found an amazing deal on a set of factory running boards - except they are about an hour away from me and curious if anyone knows if they will bolt up to my 2020? 2500HD - CC SB thanks in advance for any help
  7. Guys - I don't see the need to add weight to the truck to make it drive smoother. I currently drive an 18 3500 CCSB Dmax and looking to upgrade to a 20 AT4 with same specs. This is my 2nd Dmax and I've had many 1/2 tons before as well. I daily drive it so I agree the short bed is the only way to go if you don't want issues parking. Now the truck doesn't drive like a car -especially unloaded but to be honest my family prefers my truck on long trips anyways. Doesn't matter if we have the 5th wheel or not - it rides firm but still nice pretty nice. My 2 cents
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