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  1. I have 2008 Sierra with remote start from the key fob. When I try to use this function all that occurs is a one click from the engine compartment. Any advise as to where to start ringing out this issue?
  2. I check the reared harness. It was dirty but seemed fine. I did find a connection point above the spare with a spot in the harness that looked like a plug was spliced in. The plug looked like it had a big square cap that said delco in it. I don’t know what it is. That’s all I’ve found. I’m not an auto electrician. I may take it to a shop. Give me a Painless harness. So much simpler. Thanks!
  3. Also I have no brake lights on that side.
  4. Hey all, I just bought a 2008 Sierra 1500 XLT. The left signal flasher does not work. The right side functions fine. When the headlights are on all of the lamps function correctly. When the flashers or the signals are activated the left side flashes normal 3 times and then fast from there on. I replaced the multi switch stock on the column. When the flashers are are activated the fuse blows which tells me there is a short somewhere...I guess. Why would the lamps work if the headlights are on if their is a short? Where would I look for a short? The wires seem to be covered in a loom except at the housing itself and I did not see any bare wire or rub spots. Is the flasher split into a right and left side? If so where is the flasher control? Any in site would be appreciated. Thanks!
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