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  1. I'm curious as to what size tire I can get away with without installing lift kit or leveling on a 2018 z71 sierra .. don't want to have to do any cutting, etc. With that being said, I still am considering doing a 2.5 RC Lift, but am having trouble finding a place locally that installs lifts. If anyone in the Nashville area knows of a place, let me know. I'm seriously looking at bfg ko2 at 275/65/20 Many Thanks!
  2. I have a 2018 sierra slt on the 20" rims and I am having trouble finding the bfg ko2 with the raised white letters. anyone know where I can find these? Thanks in advance
  3. Should I contact Cooper tire or BFgoodirch and buy from them directly? Or am I better off getting pricing from tire stores like a discount tire, local tire shop, etc?
  4. Hey guys, new member here. I have been scanning the forums for a while and decided it was time to go ahead and sign up. I am looking to upgrade from the stock tires, I have put right at 30,000 miles on them. I work in construction management and I am on gravel a majority of the time and the occasional dirt. With that being said, I have always been partial to the BFG All-Terrains (with the white walls!) and am leaning towards that tire. I also see a lot of Nitto and Toyo tires around the Nashville/Middle TN area. Also, I do plan on going with a leveling kit or maybe a 2" lift. (Nothing higher than 2.5" though) - Should I do both of these at once? Pick the tire I like and confirm it will fit with the lift I choose? Can I just do tires first now and maybe do the lift more closer to summer time? I figured with all of the covid-19 crap going on right now that I could possibly get a hell of a deal on a set of tires. Thanks in advance...
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