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  1. ok ive got a 2009 silverado non bose. Has onstar but not active. does someone make an extension harness that I can just plug in and then cut those wires so I don't have to cut my factory harness. i want to keep my stock head unit for now and just amplify my aftermarket door speakers with an amplifier. Any help is greatly appreciated! TIA
  2. Just rechecked them. Theres a few light scratches. Hard to see. Top 3 plastic tabs are missing on both. I think the previous owner cut them off so he could install them without removing the headlights. Doesnt really afftect anything. They still mount up fine and stay in place as there are about 8-10 bolts holding these in place. Just being as honest as i can be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Selling a gmc grill emblem, in perfect condition for 2007-2013 $40 shipped also selling (2) chrome door handles. $50 shipped
  4. for sale: fits 2007-2013 silverado 1500 trucks chrome GM OEM fog light bumper end caps. $100 + shipping (should be around $20) used, took these of my truck and replaced them with painted caps. The 3 top tabs are missing. Doesn't really affect anything. They still mount up fine. You will have to use your existing clips and hardware to mount them located in denham springs, louisiana
  5. yes you can tell the diff. don't do the 50w, they're like having the sun for headlights, everyone will hate you. and you have more chance of them melting the housing. the 35w are bright enough. www.ddmtuning.com or www.vvme.com
  6. its the same thing with the battery operated ones. just lock the back door, if they come in, they're gonna die. Also, most garage door pads that are installed on the inside of your house have a "lock" feature for this reason. Guess they could steal the transmisster and come by later.
  7. a duplicate will work from walmart only on the doors. you need the key with the resisitor chip to for it to work with the ignition
  8. slamed350

    big nick's truck

    pics of my 2008 GMC
  9. slamed350

    big nick's truck

    pics of my 2008 GMC
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