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  1. So here is a update: the mechanic I took it to said there was not anything wrong with my suspension but changed out the universal joint. I still have some bad vibrations but it did settle out a bit he did mention that it could be my tires. So as soon as I get a chance I’ll take it in and go from there. Me and a buddy did however open up the differential and noticed the oil was black as ****** and low so we added fresh gear oil and cleaned it up a bit. So don’t know where to go from this point unless I just buy new wheels and tires
  2. Yea I been YouTubing it and it don’t seem like much but I’d hate to put everything back together and have extra bolts lol as it always seems to happen
  3. Well I was going to try and tackle it myself but I think I’m better off taking it to a shop and get it done. Going to call around and get some prices and go from there
  4. Update:: I jacked up the rear and noticed my passenger rear tire has play in it as if some lugs were loose but they are not so I’m figuring it’s the rear axle shaft ima have to replace
  5. Sorry didn’t get to it stayed the night at our hunting camp now rushing home for work tonite but as soon as I can I will get to it
  6. Yea I could do that first jack it up and use a pry bar and go from there. I was doing some research on google and came across a forum saying the sloped blocks in the rear were no good to get straight blocks not sure if that has something to do with it
  7. Yea most definitely going to take the wheels off when I get home and go from there
  8. I’m in corpus but I will definitely look at the shocks. Could it be possible that they are extended to its max
  9. Ain’t much play in front it’s more of the rear now and as I’m driving I look at the tires through the mirror and I see some play like the tire is bouncing
  10. Thanks that is one thing I haven’t done is the rear. Thanks I may mess with it tomorrow hopefully that’s the issue cause this shake is over the top already
  11. Yes I switched out tires from my Yukon and put them on and same thing I have the vibration check balance on them as well I have replaced upper and lower control arms and ball joints I have a bit of play in the front drive shaft where the yolk is but not to sure if it’s supposed to be like that with a lift
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