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  1. Well valve spring didn’t work out due to a shitty tool so I’m ordering a better one I’m gonna do these springs regardless.... I did change the pick up tube o ring today it was pretty flat. I removed the baffle to check my rods they don’t push up and down as far as the bearing clearance it’s Pretty stiff but they all move a hair side to side I’m sure that’s normal I hope but I did get a snap of my cam lobe I don’t think it was normal It was hard to tell the one I got was the lobe of my misfiring cylinder
  2. More of a tsk tsk tsk... I pulled the valve cover and cranked the motor it seemed smooth everything felt snug no spongy lifters no bent push rods so I bought two valve springs I’m gonna install them tonight. I cranked the motor by hand and one of the springs just seemed it didn’t get as high as the other and it’s had 2 or 3 shiny marks on it as if it was binding up. So my guess was if it’s not pushing all the way up then my push rod isn’t going all the way down and my lifter isn’t riding in the cam smoothly just my guess but I will start there tonight ...thanks I had a you tube video up I’m not a mechanic but I research enough to get it done myself
  3. Ok I have 2011 GMC Sierra that has developed a ticking noise. I also have a misfire p0308 in cylinder 8 with p0300 in the history of the obd2 scan. (This tick does not happen in idle)This tick only happens when reaching 2500rpm and above and and willl increase tick speed with rpm but does not get louder only faster. And it does sound like it’s is on the passenger side coming from cylinder 8 1.i have replaced spark plug 2.i have swapped coil pack from one side to the other along with wire (Misfire still cylinder 3. I have stethoscoped the injectors they all sound the same and are functioning I have even unplugged the injector and wire and ran it up to 2500 rpm still ticking 4. I have changed oil 5w30 ac Delco filter and im currently running mmo with it. • I do not see any sign of exhaust leak as far as bolts or black carbon around manifold •all my vacuum lines seem intact and good • MY VALVE COVER GASKET DOES SEEM IT HAD OIL CRUD AROUND THE EDGES —my next step is to run sea foam through the vacuum line to see if I have carbon causing a sticky valve or something I believe I either have a Hydraulic lifter issue cylinder 8 NON-afm cylinder smacking my cam or a spun bearing , weak or broken valve spring , maybe a rocker Arm loose, bent pushrod but I honestly don’t know when it comes to internals (THIS ONLY HAPPENS 2500rpm and ABOVE) any help thanks
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