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  1. I have not purchased tires yet. My truck is at the body shop! Wife backed into it in driveway over $10,000 total damage between both vehicles. Im trying to get the front grill blacked out lol local tire shop said he would be willing to do a couole test fits to see what will fit without rubbing. So may be a bit now with my $ tied up in body repairs. Going to try and mount my current tires in new rims for a little bit. Im just sick of adding air every day!
  2. So i just got 20x10 rims delivered, and realized i somehow ordered them with -25 offset. So i have a 2014 Silverado with 2.5 lvl up front and an add a leaf in the rear. Was planning on using 33x12.5x20. I really dont want to chop up my truck. How can i make these rims work, i dont want to pay to return them unless i have to. My stock high country rims wont hold air from peeling chrome and corrosion hence the need for new rims.
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