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  1. The live data off the OBDII doesn't fluctuate and shows the voltage at .450, which is the computer default setting. It will read .045 and if it doesn't change over a period of time, the computer knows it's not getting a signal and throws the code. I tested the O2 sensors and the same wires leading into the ecm and it shows the fluctuations but the computer isn't reading it. I'm not sure what else it could be other than the computer.
  2. Well, I've checked everything I can think of. The O2 sensor are getting power and no issues with the wiring. I checked the signal coming out of the O2 sensor and the wires at the PCM and confirmed the signal is reaching the computer. When I plug in the OBDII I can watch the live reading of the O2 sensors, which the computer isn't reading despite the signal making it there. Did a quick check yesterday to see if there were any vacuum leaks and couldn't find any. My next guess is that the PCM itself might be bad. Refurbished and VIN programmed PCM's aren't that expensive so that might be what I try next.
  3. 1998 GMC K1500 5.7 4wd. Engine is brand new and runs great, smooth as can be but it's getting P0154 and P0134 codes. This is bank 1-sensor 1 and bank 2-sensor 1, both before the cat. Both sensors have been replaced but I'm still recieving the codes. The codes indicate that the computer isn't recieving a signal from the 02 sensor. There are numerous reasons the codes can occurr but I'm trying to rule them out and need some advice. My best guess is wiring and I'm going to check for continuity between the sensor and the ECM and chase the wires as much as I can. Can i test the signal from the O2 sensors at the ECM? Other reasons it can set off the code is an exhaust leak but since it's from different banks it would have to be extremely coincidental. A vaccum leak is another possibility for the code but could that set off both banks? All of it makes me think it would have to be the wiring or a faulty ECM. Any advice would be appreciated.
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