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  1. I’m thinking around the spares battery compartment .. 2014 Silverado .. email Smcgillis10 he is making mine, nothing wrong with supporting a fellow Chevy owner and yes that is where those tiny wires plug into I bought mine directly from Chevy a little pricey I think it’s slots 10-14 but you can double check it’s written somewhere on this thread
  2. Which wires ... should be 4 wires on your relay box .. one for switch . One for light , and two powers that’s what I understand I’m having a relay box made and when I have it in hand ill post pictures and maybe can explain it better ...
  3. I’m so confused .. Yes I’m going to have to have you make Me some kind of wire harness / relay box .. I tried on my own but ended up drinking the whole 12 pack and said I need to buy something .. 2014 Silverado with the stock traction control/ cargo light .. upgraded to traction control cargo light and 4 aux .. already installed new switch and correct wires in slots 10-14 now what .. Please help
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