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  1. Im having some troubles with my 4wd as well. You said that the front drive shaft spins but what about the C/V axles? Well actually idk how you would really check that because they will always spin so i guess to check youd have to jack up the front end whike shifted into 4H until both tires are off the ground and spin one wheel to see if the other one spins as well. Or if they dont spin at all which im pretty sure would be good cuz thatd mean the transfer case is locked in both drive shafts and engaged the front diff. Or only the tire your spinning spins then id have to say the problem would have to do with your gearing in the front differential. which from the sounds of it is more than likely the issue. the fuse dilemna is throwing me off tho idk what thats all about...
  2. At 299,996 miles my rear diff went. got another 14 bolt 9.5" rearend with 3.72 gears just like the old one for 100$ from junk yard At 300,02X the passenger tire cambered in so bad from a worn c/v axle that it rode the brakes to the point of a small flame and ruined a 37" toyo. $1000 later (more than half that was new tools, air tools mainly so i wasnt to mad) back on the road but now im leaking coolant out of the hose going to the oil cooling system with that wierd fitting. But this truck will be new or totalled before i quit on her..
  3. Kinda having the same issue but mine arent quite to the point yours are... Sometimes mine will be working, ill hit a bump, they stop working til i find another bump.... makes me picture a stripped out actuator (or whatever makes the wipers rotate) Could be the case with yours?? Just a thought anyways, that reminds me i need to fix that..
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