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  1. Is there a way to soften the ride by changing settings? The original problem was fixed. A softer ride would be nice.
  2. Thanks for sharing all that info, Senior Enthusiast. Before taking it to the dealer, I bought a $35 code reader on Amazon (recommended by Scotty Kilmer). It said there were no trouble codes present, but I'm guessing for $35 it wasn't looking deep enough. Definitely makes sense that all four shocks failed because of a malfunction somewhere in the system. I didn't recognize any error messages on the DIC, but the vehicle was brand new to me and I wasn't familiar with the instrumentation. I could have missed it
  3. I bought a 2019 Tahoe with 37,000 miles from a car rental company. During a 1300 trip, the suspension went from just fine to rough as a log truck. Like all four shocks had been replaced with a solid bar. Long story short, I took it to a dealer, which I seldom do. They diagnosed only the left rear shock was bad. They replaced it and all the others started working right. The reason I'm posting this is nothing I found on the internet mentioned this solution for the problem I had. Now if somebody else has this problem, hopefully they will find this post. I was ready to remove all the magnaride shocks and struts, then install an after market kit doing away with it all. For now at least, I'm glad I didn't. If another one goes bad next month, I may feel differently. I wish I knew how the dealer tech diagnosed the one shock bad. The vehicle was stiff on all four corners.
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