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  1. That's a sweet setup. I had a blacked out sierra I setup like that. You'll enjoy that blower when you get it tuned. I know I have no regrets. May install a 3.1 pulley instead of the 3.4 eventually for a lil more boost
  2. Thinkin about going one temp cooler on the plugs and gettin some upgraded coils and wires. Anybody have recommendations?
  3. S/C is in and tuned. Just figured I'd share the dyno results for anyone interested....
  4. How much did you gain off stock? Any other mods like exhaust or cai? Running magnusons tune?
  5. Stock taillights. Just had them tinted with a film.
  6. Wow, that's terrible man. I know I'm going to be incredibly disappointed if I have a similar outcome. Did you get your tcm unlocked? Keep me posted how everything turns out. Hope it's a quick fix!
  7. You sound like a wise man. Very valid point!
  8. Oh no... did you install their tune prior to install? Running the correct fuel?
  9. Speaking with the sales staff at magnuson they recommended getting the 2300 if it was going to be more of a track truck with heavy mods. The price difference was only a few hundred bucks. Soo I went with the 1900 per their recommendation
  10. I'm going to start off with Magnusons tune. See how I like it as they've got a 3 yr warranty when running their tune. Future plans include taking to a local guy. Trying to figure if I want to follow through with any additional mods prior to getting a custom tune
  11. Recently picked up a '18 6.2 silverado centennial edition. Added a borla s-type catback system. Installing a Magnuson TVS1900 Supercharger. Had thought about throwing some long tube headers on it after that. Anyone have some insight as what type of mods they'd install to compliment that setup? Anyone have experience running a TVS1900 setup?
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