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  1. I just thought this thread needed some new attention, since spring is quickly approaching and all....
  2. Only 2 batteries? Heh, i am working on 5 batts for my comp truck.
  3. You need a new Internet handle! Hello from Talala. I drove through talala the other day. = )
  4. Just curious to see if you're a newbie, cause I was going to welcome you.

  5. Yeah, whining fuel pumps seem to be pretty common for chevy.
  6. Okay, so the plugged CAT would be causing which problem?
  7. I have had the free diagnostic checks done and they mostly point to fuel injection and emissions not being what they should. Also one or two said something about poor fuel economy. But i have also talked to several mechanics and they say the handheld code scanners are not reliable and are not a good indicator. Many seem to have bad/incorrect codes. And when you sayd bad CAT, you mean catalytic converter or.....?
  8. Um....well first off it is mainly going to be a toy, not a huge lift, maybe 3-4 inches, enough to get some mean looking rubber mounted. But mainly for now i am looking to get it running almost like new. 210k miles and it shows when it comes to performance. When i purchased the truck, the previous owner said that the engine and tranny had been rebuilt....but i haven't been able to find evidence that it has been fixed. So i am having a few small problems with it. For instance: Lets say i am cruising down I-44 or whatever highway and i hit the gas to pass someone. The engine will rev but it feels like the tranny is shifting way down to first or second gear and the truck actually slows down and won't shift up again until i let off the gas. Also has a nastly exhaust leak that i haven't been able to locate yet. But my guess is it is near the connector between the headers and the exhaust pipe thingy....yeah i am not a mechanic....yet. But...after all that said, i am looking just for some good looks, a little performance boost. I have a hunting lease near Prue that doesn't have any trails through, so i tend to make my own so need a truck that can handle some off roading. By the way, anybody know the stock HP and torque for the 5.7 vortec? Anyway, thanks all for the warm welcome, i already love it here.
  9. Hi gang! New to the forums so yeah! Some basics: 22 Tulsa Married Baby on the way Just recently purchased: Red '97 Z71 extcab All stock so far 210k miles Would rock to meet some chevy fans. Let me know when, where, and what type of beer to bring. So yeah, i bought it as a project truck, the sad part is i do't know where to begin on fixing this thing up. Any guru's in the Tulsa area that care to help out a newbie?
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