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  1. S I definitely will try these police packages on my 2015 sierra slt which the transmission went out on at 127k. My front brakes have been redone with new rotors at 30k miles like clockwork. The back were done at 90k. The first two times at 30k and 60k gm paid for them. I ussually run 150k to 200k on gm brakes. GM changed my ac compressor at 50k miles. Having said that I LOVE MY BLACK GMC 2015 SIERRA SLT. I can run Americas freeways at a comfortable high rate of speed.
  2. I have the same problem on a 2015 GMC Sierra 1500, 5.3, not sure the model of the 6 speed transmission. 127k miles and it felt like it was missing. I was 400 miles from home and made it home Friday, this morning taking it to my mechanic barely made it 5 miles. He said solenoid was $1200 and probably the torque converter was toast. Going to cost me $3000 +/- to rebuild. I almost traded for 2020 2 months ago, but I love the 2015, its been a keeper until now.
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