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  1. I unplugged my screen and tried to use the controls on my steering wheel. It worked for a day or so but started changing stations again on its own. It’s not as bad as it was and more manageable at the moment. It’ll get me by until I know for sure a definite part to replace. I’ve read that it’s likely the HMI that’s bad. But haven’t confirmed.
  2. Definitely something involved with the builder. Luckily he backs his work with a guarantee so this is on him. Aggravated is an understatement, just wish us working people could buy quality vehicles that last.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Mine has done it in the past, only for a short period of time maybe one day, but cleared up for several months. It’s started again and this time is long term. Four straight days with no remorse. If you don’t mind reply back with a part when you find out. Thanks
  4. How do you fix this? Replace the antenna? Tighten any bolts or silicone?
  5. Mine is doing the same thing in the same location. 2015 Sierra. I’ve noticed the water after or during a rain so I’m ruling out anything related to the ac drain.
  6. Just got mine ( 2015 5.3 Sierra ) out the shop for a converter replace and trans rebuild. $2189, total for uninstalling rebuild and reinstalling. Drove home fine, next day going to work, starts to shutter again and making a noise now. Will be taking it back to the shop tomorrow. This isn’t the only problem I’ve had or am having with this truck. Seriously thinking these trucks are garbage.
  7. Nav screen bounces between apps and constantly changing radio stations. any one else had these issues or is it just my dark cloud of troubles?
  8. Thanks for the advice! I will try this and hope for the best.
  9. Ive got a 2015 GMC Sierra, 6 speed trans. 122,000 miles.. for a while I've noticed a shutter like in the trans but always thought it was due to traveling at a low speed and low rpm. when I've noticed this I usually just clicked on the tow mode and it always smoothed out. about a week ago I was traveling around 50-60 mph and I started feeling like a miss or skip. I've had a miss before and an engine light code showed an O2 censor was bad. this time no lights or codes. I assumed maybe it was time for a tune up, I changed plugs and wires, but did not fix the problem. I've read all online about a shutter and skip in the transmissions. I took it to the dealership and had them look it over and theyre saying that its likely a torque converter, but gm recommends a trans swap. any other problems with these and any solutions or other things I can try before I buy a trans?
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