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  1. I've recently been having an intermittent issue with my 2015 Sierra where the screens on the DIC and the radio will sometimes change on their own. I was listening to an FM radio station and it switched to the FM station list screen, began scrolling through the stations, and even eventually changed the radio station. Attached is a video of it happening. I am not doing anything with the radio, it's all on its own. Yesterday, it changed from the media screen to the connected devices screen and tried to disconnect my phone from Bluetooth. The DIC will also change sometimes from the info screen to the audio screen. I've taken it to the dealer and looked over a schematic with the tech. Everything pointed to the HMI module as I've also had an issue with the Onstar wireless connection dropping out and all these systems connect through the HMI. So they installed a different HMI module and reprogrammed it however the problems remain. Anybody else experience this issue? video-1537878869.mp4
  2. I'm having the same issue with my truck. It has gone as far as switching radio stations and trying to disconnect my phone from bluetooth. I discussed with the dealer and they recommended I replace the HMI module. So I purchased a new OEM module from eBay (my truck also out of warranty and was $200 cheaper than at the dealer) and they installed it but it's still having the same issues.
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