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  1. I was able to get mine fixed month ago and the noise went away. I was not impressed with the longevity of the 8 speed transmission and the fact that it would shake a little on the highway. I ended up trading it in for a new 2020 Ram and don’t think I will ever get a GMC again. The Ram is so much smoother and quiet with much more features. I traded my Sierra in after only owning for 1 year and 10,000 miles. Really sad on GM.
  2. I have a 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation edition and I had this issue. They replaced parts yesterday so I am waiting to see if it is really fixed or if it will show back up in a few hundred miles. I guess it is wait and see.
  3. So I called the dealer and they told me the parts are in to fix the cv axle noise. I asked what parts where they planning to replace exactly ( I know what needs replacing), the service advisor said there was a bunch of parts in a tote that have not been unpacked yet so he did not know. I am not confident the new parts will fix it considering what I read on this forum but I guess they have to give it a try. Does anyone have any suggestions when I get to the dealer what specifics I should ask them? Should they be replacing the stub shaft also? Will they drain the old diff fluid out and replace or does this not need to happen? Any info is appreciated.
  4. Good to know I have the same issue but all the dealer ever tells me is they are waiting for parts. I have an open case with GM currently.
  5. When did you have the work done for differential replacement?? Just wondering if they used new engineered parts for the fix or the old fix which does nothing.
  6. I have a 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation edition 5.3L with the 8 speed transmission. I notice the hesitation/stutter every time it is driven for the first few gear cycles of the day from a stop but then the issue goes away. I thought I read somewhere that it is because it is caused by a lack of fluid in a certain area of the transmission after sitting overnight and as soon as the fluid moves around it makes the stutter go away. I just had the dealer put the new correct GM fluid in it thinking it would fix it and it did not. I only have 9000 miles on this truck what a nightmare.
  7. I was at the dealership last week for this CV axle noise for the 2nd time since the dealership did not document this issue in their system the 1st time I brought it in. The dealer told me they are still waiting for parts to fix this problem. I have been in contact with GM customer care and still waiting on a response.
  8. No I do not have other info at this time still digging to see if this is malarkey or the truth.
  9. I was just told by my service department that there is a fix for this axle issue but due to the Coronavirus parts are not available. Is this statement really true? I was under the impression that GM does not exactly have a fix for the problem and therefore parts are not available. Which statement is true?
  10. Considering there is currently no fix for this issue my GM my dealer told me to call back every month to check if parts are available until then He said there is nothin he can do. He also said the issue is not safety related so he cannot keep it at the dealership. How do I file for lemon law for this issue when my lemon law states that there must be 3 attempts made to fix the problem or 30 days out of service? Considering no attempts can be made because of no parts available I think I do not have a case. By the way I am new to this site and just turned 8000 miles on my 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation edition and the noise just started and is worse by the day. Not happy!
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