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  1. About how long did take to change the fenders out?
  2. Nice! Looks good for sure! how do you like the power steps? Are they amp ? I ordered some too. the dude at the 4x4 shop wasn’t sure if 35x12.50 would fit stock. My wheels are +1 I guess I will find out next week. Thanks for the info
  3. I just got a 2020 gmc 2500 Denali HD. Ordered a kryptonite level kit, but as you mentioned there isn’t much rake 1.25-1.50 inches, I like a bit of rake as I do masonry construction and haul heavy stuff from time to time. Did the 35’s fit? What offset are your wheels and tires?
  4. I appreciate the picture! the wheel comes in 20x9 or 10 but since I’m concerned about how wide I would do the 20x9. Good advice on asking what the lift will do. I will get on Instagram and find the look I want. Good call
  5. I’m envious of you!! I would like to do 22’s with a aggressive offset, but it’s my work rig and I live in the city. im looking at a wheel with a -19 offset, how can I tell how much the wheels will stick out?
  6. I recently got a 2020 GMC Sierra HD. looking to do a kryptonite stage 3 level and some 20” wheels, I trying to pick a wheel and Most wheels I like have more offset then I’m a accustom too. any thoughts or insight would be great. I like the duel rampage D238 -19 wondering how far -19 will stick out
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