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  1. I was charged 900+.... but if you are a DIY person and feel comfortable doing any AC work then it would definitely be cheaper to do it yourself. After looking at videos on YouTube, I felt like I could have done it in my driveway but then again in this Texas heat I wouldn't stand a chance.
  2. Question do you happen to know which actuator would need to be changed out if the method above doesn't work? I have done my research and I can only see about 4 actuator in my gmc sierra. I was able to locate all of them just wasn't sure if its the lower actuator for passenger or is it the top one behind the temperature control. Or just swap out both for new ones instead of guessing.
  3. Thanks for that info. I actually tried it but didn't wait 5 min more 3min and then touched the climate controls which I'm sure didn't allow it to do its job and reset it self. I will try that again. Thank you
  4. Thank you for the suggestion, I honestly only messed with the airflow switches maybe twice. I will take your advice and see if that helps get the mix door unstuck. If not ill change it out and see if that works. I'll keep yall posted. Thanks again.
  5. Hello all, I am new to this forum and I'm not sure if there's various threads about this. But I recently had my condenser replaced on my 2017 Gmc sierra 1500 in June due to a leak on the right weld. After the condenser was replaced I felt like my ac wasn't working like it should. Waited two weeks to take it back to were it was service and today I took it back. The shop vacuumed out the old freon and then recharge it. They said they tested for leaks and that their machine wouldn't recharge it if there was any leaks. Not sure how true that is but okay. Got on the highway and low and behold my driver side is cold and passenger side warm air still. Any suggestions?
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