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  1. Great video this DI thing is getting scary Thanks for the video Good Job
  2. My experience with a 2011 Buick Lacross 4 cyl. with 83000 miles is making me nervous about my 2017 Silverado 5.3. The Buick started running rough last January (2020) at short intervals about once per 18 mile round trip setting a code PO300. first mechanic who had been Saturn gm certified replaced NO. 3 coil and all spark plugs with no improvement. Second mechanic found improved engine operation with MAS disconnected found engine air cleaner installed by another GM dealer last November with the corner of the filter missing and replaced engine air filter and MAS. No improvement. Third GM dealer ( the one that replaced engine air filter) replaced cyl. NO 3 injector. Some improvement . HE suggested a complete valve job if new injector doesn't help. Second dealer then suggested injector cleaning at $300 including oil change. I am now trying Techron solvent added to premium gas. with some improvement and driving car agressively (w/n speed limit) on state highways instead of low speed back roads. Next is spraying Motorcraft caburetor tune-up cleaner into intake air flow after MAS. I have spent $1200 approx. so far and a valve job if necessary will be $1500 approx more. hope solvent works and welcoming comments h_bvec @ hotmail.com
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