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  1. I have tried that as well as cleaning the throttlebody. I replaced plugs wires and coil packs. I dont have a check engine light so I am stumped.
  2. Hey I have a 2010 yukon denali, and I am having a missfire problem that I can't find a source. The missfire is always below 2000rpm and only after its been driven for a little bit. I am not getting check engine light. The misfire is getting worse and I dont know what to do. Any help would be great.
  3. It also only seems to want to sputter when it's going up hill. And only after it's been drivin a little. Thanks
  4. Yeah I cleaned it and it didn't help the issue at all.
  5. HI i have a 2010 yukon denali and i am having a problem that i cant figure out. When driving sometimes it will seem to stumble under light throttle about 1600 t0 1800 rpm. It does not due it all the time and never has it thrown a engine light. It has new coilpacks and new wires new pluggs ect i take great care of it and there is nothing that is standing out so i have no idea where to start looking and testing. any one out there having problems like this ?? Thanks
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