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  1. Ok,so I finally bought yesterday. LTZ ,premium package, technology package and 3.0 diesel, 2WD. 59.5 MSRP 7000 dealer discount 5000 rebate Trade in BMW Total cost 37000 Yes it is 2WD truck,but after owning a 4wd truck in the past and using it one time, realize I didn't need it anymore. I left the country living and only see asphalt now, cheers. Btw,love the truck.
  2. Yeah, so Im looking at RST 3.0 with a MSRP of 59620. Dealer knocking off 2963 and 5000 rebate for total of 51657. Supposed to talk tomorrow, but not really thinking they will budge very much. They have to trade with another dealer for this truck, thinking I will talk, but probably have to wait until later in the year
  3. Just joined , hoping to join you with a 3.0 in next 90 days or so. Im thinking RST trim. Is the Z71 package include lift or is that all the Z71 is? Hope to join soon,looking to see if some better deals upcoming this fall.
  4. Thanks, I will probably wait a bit then. Got to get rid of my current ride and hopefully better deals happening next 90 days or so. Cheers
  5. Just joined, really wanting to get back into silverado. Very interested in the diesel rst. Should I wait until october to see if prices get better?
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