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  1. I am interested in this as well. I am looking in to, front Bilstein 6112 rear bilstein 5160 wheels 18x9.5 -18 offset tires goodyear wrangler duratrac 295/65/18
  2. I like this idea i was going to ask if there was anything against it, in the year specific threads?
  3. So here is a thought, Maybe do different types, or category of vehicle each month I don't know just trying to help
  4. Let me see I have been a car guy for as long as i can remember. I also an a big gun guy and reloading. Camping is a big one. My plan is to build a good overlanding truck. Lastly cigars nothing better then driving the truck into the wood finding a good camping stop and relaxing with a good cigar.
  5. I am new to the forum, but start doing it again. bring back truck of the month. I used to be a Subaru guy and a Honda guy and they do things like regional meets and things like that. Hell Jeep guys all wave at one another. instead of asking if it has died and bumming around change it. i know it is easier said then done but with no effort it will not get any better. I for one will try to help bring it back and do what I can to show new people that we love our trucks and are proud of what we have. Even if you have another car or truck that is your main hobby. Sorry if I have overstepped
  6. Hey everyone, i am on my second GM truck with a 13 Sierra SLE. I had a 05 silverado 2500 HD with a 6.0l (loved that truck) but it was time for a new one. thanks for any help or advice in advance.
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