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  1. I finally got it to fit. Everything test fitted good. Just waiting on finishing the digital climate control to finish it all
  2. Gm 23281485 ac wiring harness. I wonder if that has the sensors and just be a plug in play option to make it work.
  3. Having problems with fitment. I bolt the hud using the tab coming out of the dash and made hole for the other mounting point like suggested in this thread. When I go to put the dash back on it doesn’t let me set it back as far as it should. These spots are hitting before the dash can sit where it’s supposed to be. It seems the hud needs to be pushed further towards the firewall but if I do that I won’t be able to reach the dash mounting point. Any clues or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Could you message me. Got a question on the hud retrofit. Thanks

  5. Were there any templates ever made or is everyone just going by the pics posted to make their initial cuts.
  6. Has anyone else completed this setup. Just try get some more detail on what to do or some pics. Thanks.
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