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  1. Whoever said a lift kit won't show up until November nailed it lol! Kit won't be here until November 6th. So about 6 week wait time.
  2. Stage 1. Comes with rear shocks and spacers for the front. I plan to put king shocks on at a later time. I found a place to get gears too. $1600
  3. I go camping and hunting so I didn't want to give up too much rubber.
  4. Wheels and tires will be here tomorrow. The lift will take 2 weeks. So I'm thinking beginning of October.
  5. So yesterday I ended up buying everything. 35 12.50 20 Toyo RTs. Fuel covert wheels in bronze 20x9. Pro comp 6" lift. My cousin was able to get it for me at wholesale so I spent a little under $4k for everything
  6. Me too. I think I want the bigger lift and 37s lol
  7. Thx! That's exactly what I wanted to know. I'm only going 6" with 35's. I probably won't tow much except a boat and sand car.
  8. I would hope not with the 6.2 and tow package. Also, I think you should go with 37s if you're getting a Lift that big.
  9. I actually have a similar question around these lines cause I just got a 2016 Denali with the 6.2. People are telling me I'll have to change the gears if I go 35 or 37. Anyone know if this is true? Is there anyway to check what gears I have now?
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