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  1. Pics Of Your H.d

    One badass truck.. best body style IMO I have to agree... I loved my white 01 That's an awesome truck. I loved that body style. I wish I could have a new 2001 HD. I remember when that body style first came out. My local dealership had a truck sitting on there lot for a few days that I just wanted in the worst way. It was a burnt orange crew cab short bed 4x4 diesel. It was sweet.
  2. Red Truck Club!

    Sweet! A Red Truck Club! Sign me up...
  3. Illinoisains?

    Wheres the party gonna be and whos bringing the keg???????? just curious
  4. Illinoisains?

    yep! im from central illinois, near bloomington currently...looking to move back towards champaign though

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