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  1. I've got a 2016 Z71 and the rear started clunking at 52000. Got underneath and beat on all the metal, shook, pulled, you name it. Took it to my mechanic and he looked it over for a day. He could hear the noise but never found anything. Turns out I was using the wrong terminology. "clunk" was not the word I needed to use, "squeak" is what brought up the posts and memo from GM about the bad leaf springs. I do have a clunk, squeak, bonk, coming from my right rear end, I thought it was the axle, it was just the spring. I have re-torqued the bolts and sprayed the spring down with lithium grease. The grease has helped a lot. Next I am going to put some thin rubber strips between the leafs.
  2. From the photos I've seen they work decent enough. I would make sure it has some good baffling an even a bronze filter to help more vapor condense. I just got a cheap one from amazon that looks like a mishimoto but twice the size. Looks like 1.5 soda cans stacked. I'm also going to mount it next to the fender so it can have a little room from the engine heat.
  3. A year old post and I made an account to ask this question. On the 4.3 I see 2 lines that look like they could be vent lines. There is the one like the first/second photo. It is on the drivers side of the motor. There looks like a second one on the passenger side on the front of the motor. It runs from the valve cover to the intake box thing, not the air filter. Does anything need to be done with that line?
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