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  1. Thanks ! I added a K&N air filter when I changed the tires and honestly, my mpg has seem to have gone up 1-2 mpg. As far as the speedometer goes, according to a few of the radar speed limit signs that i have passed, it is still accurate.
  2. Took some time to decide on the right tires, but in the ended up with 305/65/18 Falken Wildpeaks. They fit perfect, no rubbing at all. About 1/2 inch from the UCA. They also drive much nicer than the stock Goodyears.
  3. So I am thinking of putting some 295/70/18 Nitto ridge grapplers onto my Trail Boss. But just question to the guys that have been running a heavier tire set up. How is are the stock components holding up to the additional weight of the tires? Anyone experience any mechanical failure, suspension issues ? Seems everything in that size range is much heavier than the stock duratracs ? How is road driving, much harsher ? Cheers
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