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  1. Anyone have a 2021 with the Bose speakers and the "Richbass" woofer? What exactly is the Richbass woofer and where is it located in the truck? I know on the 2019-2020 an OEM Kicker sub was an option not sure if this is the same thing or something else?
  2. Is there anyone on in this forum that works in a dealership and has knowledge of the extended warranty (GMEPP)? I have a 2020 Sierra with a 2.7L Turbo and I am being quoted $1100 more for a plan just cause mine is a turbo vs a non-turbo. Does sound correct or am I getting misquoted and only diesel turbos are supposed to be up-charged for the GMEPP warranties?
  3. Do you think that will apply to the 2019 and 2020 or Just new 2021's?
  4. Is the 2020 Sierra Elevation bed different in anyway from say a 2020 SLE or SLT. I'm shopping online for tonneau covers and I am repeatly running into online systems that check for fit of the tonneau on your truck and they are telling me a number tonneau covers do not fit my bed but when I change it to a SLT or SLE them magically these systems are saying it fits.
  5. thanks... is it this one? http://truckalterations.com/LOMAX/LOMAX-Hard-Tri-Fold-Cover/B1020079?YMM=2020|GMC|Sierra 1500|Elevation&oc=http%3A%2F%2Ftruckalterations.com%2Fexplore%2FSearch%2Fbed%2520cover%3FYMM%3D2020%7CGMC%7CSierra%201500%7CElevation%26brand%3D1597%7CLOMAX
  6. What dealer has the cheapest GM extended warranty? I am aware of Knapp Chevy but wondering about others. I want to shop for prices.
  7. Thanks, yeah I will post some pics,.... just picked up last night a 2020 elevation, the reason I was asking about the oil was because the oil changes were part of my negotiations, I got them to give me 10 oil changes and wanted to be crystal clear with the dealer on what I expect so I made them put in the verbiage of the deal full synthetic...
  8. Anyone know if the 2.7L calls for synthetic oil or conventional?
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