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  1. https://www.readylift.com/blog/2017/07/11/upper-control-arms/ this should help ya out bud, best to do all the research you can so you don’t get your truck torn apart and run into something that will have you scratching your head. Pm me if you want I’d be glad to help walk you through it
  2. 1-2” of rake will be fine for towing your camper assuming you have a load leveling hitch, just make sure to check what control arms you have, the stamped steel are dangerous with the larger leveling kits due to lack of ball joint support, and some people suggest new ucas for aluminum also
  3. Check out lmfscrew on YouTube, very helpful
  4. Also, rubbing the uca isn’t too big of a deal, just don’t go full crank lol. In all reality it pretty much just rubs the finish off and there will be a shiny spot, ran a nnbs Silverado rubbing the sway bar for 120k no issues
  5. You’ll be safe running the 285/65s with the 3” for sure, at most maybe zip tie the carpet back, no metal trimming. You will more than likely rub the sway bar and uca with both kits at full crank
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