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  1. I have done it both ways but I have never had a gm truck this close to level before. Just wanted to throw out an FYI on what I did. This particular truck seems to be set up very well for an easy adjustment. I haven't had any big thuds in the front or anything at all and I have flexed the suspension pretty good just to double check. Ideally a kit that also drops your transfer case is always better in order to keep the driveline level. Again just wanted to share what worked for me. Thanks
  2. Hey all, I have a few week old silverado 2500lt z71 with the 6.6 gas and love it. I got bored and was not a fan of the rake it had so I decided to turn the torsion keys up a bit as I'm planning for a larger black wheel and a little larger tire. I turned them 5 full turns and it got be perfectly level, I actually backed it down to 4 just because I wanted a slight rake for when I have a trailer on or a desent load in back. But just as an FYI, I had it aligned today and it was still within spec, it was off and they dialed it in perfect but it was still within spec when we started. Truck still rides as it did before and there is a ton of thread left on the adjusting bolts and my 4x4 1/2 shafts only have a small amount of angle to them. I found 1 full turn is 1/4 inch. So I only raised mine an inch to get it pretty level since these trucks already set pretty level. And my setup and situation may be different than others but I figured I would share what I found incase someone is looking into it or into aftermarket keys.
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