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  1. 160k miles P0300 Random Misfire Sometimes P0303 #3 Cylinder misfire When I use an OBDII scanner to look at misfire counts, it seems most concentrated on the #3 and #4 cylinders, but all cylinders will have a few misfires. Testing fuel pressure with an Autozone fuel pressure tester, I was getting 52psi with the motor running (spec is 60-68psi). After replacing the fuel filter, I am getting around 54-60psi with the motor running, even under acceleration. Even when actively misfiring and service engine light soon light is flashing, the motor seems to be running smooth. Not jerky at all. I've replaced: * Spark plugs (NGK Platinum, gapped to .060") * Spark plug wires (NGK) * Ignition rotor (Delphi) * Distributor cap (ACDelco OEM) * Fuel filter (GM Genuine)
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