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  1. I'm running 285/65x20 on my truck with +25 offset wheels with no trimming. They are about 34.6 inches tall, so pretty close to 35's. As far as your price, you might want to post the MSRP to compare to your sale price...
  2. Been lurking for a little while... Picked up my new 2020 LTZ Durmax a couple of weeks ago, but I have been waiting for the wheels to come in. Just got them installed. Wheels are MKW Offroad, 20X9 with +25 offset and 285/65x20 tires. Pics below of the SLIGHT poke. I appreciated the pictures posted of various offsets to help me choose how much offset to get, so hopefully these will help someone else. In addition to the wheels/tires, I have added Rough Country step bars (I chose these because the steps drop down quite a bit...and my wife is short ? ). Also, to
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