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  1. Looking to either level or lift my 2021 HD LTZ Not looking for anything huge as far as lift.... would like to run 35x12.50x20s...-18 offset wheels maybe whats a good level kit our there or reasonable lift kit to fit this combo????
  2. 2021 LTZ owner here. Looking to possibly get a level kit. Steer me in the right direction. Would like to go 35x12.50x20s. With a -18 offset possibly. What about just turning up torsion keys? Or should I go the route of small lift kit?? Thanks
  3. What are owners of the 2500 gas Customs getting for gas mileage in City, Highway and Towing travel trailers and campers etc???? TIA
  4. Anybody running 35x12.50x20 tires on srock 2500s? Also I got a quote on a 2021 2500 Diesel...$54,681 out the door...LT, 17" rims, cloth, Convenience 1 and 2 package, Power tailgate, Snow plow prep/ Camper package, 3.42 ratio, GVW 11, 150, power rear slider, heated seats and steering wheel...IS this a good deal? I am new to shopping for a 2500 Diesel...looking to pull a camper probably 8700 dry weight...my 1500 LTZ is loaded to the gills...just don't know if I should go with a LT or LTZ....how is the cloth interior on these 2020s or 2021s? Thanks in advance...
  5. Besides options and luxury are the Customs vs The LTs vs the LTZs vs the High Country any different when it comes to towing and tow capacities and capabilities??
  6. So now that I might be looking into a 2500 Silverado tell me what I should steer towards if I’m pulling a 8200 or 8700 lb dry weight travel trailer?? 6.6 gas?? 6.6 diesel. Camping will be 4-5 months out of the year. Mainly staying in the state of Michigan for now. Thanks for the input. Looking forward to what you think. Any year 2500s I should stay away from etc.
  7. My truck is not a Z-71. I know I answered my own question and knew what I was gonna hear but just wanted some insight I guess. Keep it coming.
  8. Hey members. I need some guidance. I’ve been doing some homework but want your feedback. Looking at 2 travel trailers. One is 8200 dry weight other is 8700. My truck is 5.3 liter crew. I think tow capacity is 9400lbs. Weighed my truck yesterday it was 5900 lbs. I know this truck is not really what we need to haul these trailers but I just don’t really want to part with my truck. I have to buy tow mirrors also buy the trailer braking switch and harness because truck wasn’t built with max trailering package. It’s 3:42 gears. What should I do? I know people will say 2500. Diesel. 6.2 liter. 6.0 liter etc. what is your opinions? What about 4:10 gears. It does have level kit and 33s right now. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks Flash
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