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  1. I have a 21' LT with the 3.0. Love it to death. Don't let diesel prices or DEF scare you away. Maintenance is same as Gas for the most part. Maybe a few extra things, but nothing crazy. Love the pickup of it, and it warms up real fast, within a few miles. I got a steal on mine, sticker price was $55.5k and I got it for $42.5+tax and title. That's almost 25% off sticker price.
  2. Alright guys, I have the chance to pick up a Diesel Off Road Package LT 2021 for about $42k this weekend. It's only $2600 more than the equivalent Gasser with the 8 speed. Any reason to not go with the diesel? Seems like a no brainer after doing a little research. I perused these 36 pages and didn't really find anything saying for sure don't get one.
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