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  1. Well I have exhausted all my brain power and still haven't found the issue.If anyone out there has had these same or really similar issues please help me out here. This is driving me nuts!
  2. I have checked both the sensor which is perfectly fine and the reluctor wheel which is fine also. No wobble of flex at all. I get 4.7v with KOEO and 2.3v with it running on the signal wire for the ckp. I get the same thing on the cmp wires but the cmp signal jumps around from 2.2v-2,6v in that neighborhood. I get no pulse from the signal on the ckp at all just a steady 2.3v.
  3. Today I replaced the cmp and pulled the entire wiring harness off and inspected it thoroughly but found nothing wrong with it. I checked voltage at the cmp and got 5.03v at the reference and 5.03 at the signal. low reference is 0v. still getting 2.38v at the signal wire on the ckp and I changed the ecm and bcm and still get the same numbers. Anyone got any ideas I am at a loss here! Thanks
  4. UPDATE I got the pin schematic and have 5.03v on my reference wire constant, I have 2.38v on my signal wire constant even though I shouldn't. I thought maybe a short in the harness under the engine so I cut in a new wire for my signal from the connector at the CKP all the way to the ECM. still getting 2.38v? I have no idea why? When I removed the wire from the ecm and tested I get nothing at all on it. I am stumped here.
  5. I changed the CKP ran the snap-on solus for DTC's and only got the P0335. I cleaned the wheel speed sensors before doing this so that cured the abs issue I believe. I have great fuel pressure and the scan tool is showing no engine rpms as well. It shows CKP rpms and CMP rpms bot no active counts on the CKP? I dont even know how that is possible. I changed the cluster and still no tach to no surprise since the solus showed no rpm data as well. I cannot do a relearn without rpms as the solus will not allow it. I checked the connector on the harness and stripped back the harness cover and inspected the wires a bit further back but saw nothing out of the ordinary there. I would like to know what wires at the ecm are the wires coming from the ckp so I could jumper them to see if maybe there is a break in the wires going to and from the ckp. Thanks.
  6. Hey Guys, I have a 2008 Chevy Suburban 1500 LT 5.3L Flex 4WD. The issue I am having is no tach, service stabilitrak, service traction control, rough idle, hard shifting, and excessive fuel consumption. I got P0335 ckp circuit A DTC and so I changed out the CKP. I attempted a relearn but I an getting no Engine RPM's on the Snap-on Solus Ultra. I get CKP rpms and CMP rpms but no engine rpms. it also doesnt show active ckp count but it shows active cmp count. I have checked the condition of the wires at the connection to the ckp but noticed nothing out of the ordinary. I have good signal on MAP, MAF, TPS, and Throttle response sensors. I get no misfire codes and it seems to run ok when I throttle it up in park. I really need to know what wires at the ecm are for the ckp so that I can run a jumper for each of the 3 to see if it is a break in the wire somewhere in the harness. Thanks for any help you can give me!
  7. Hey Guy's, I am new to this forum and need some help pretty bad. I have a 2008 Chevy Suburban LT 4wd 5.3 flex. Here is the breakdown of whats happening. When starting the truck it takes a long time to finally fire up, when it does it is hesitating and shuttering a bit. While driving it has lower than usual power on acceleration even though it will still run 70mph and the cruise still works telling me it probably isn't TPS related. I have changed the MAF to no avail. In park there is no engine noise or valve rattle whatsoever but under a load it does rattle. ??? I am stumped and would love some input and insight from anyone with similar issues that has found a solution to this problem. I ran the codes and got no cylinder misfire codes but did get a crank position sensor code and an abs wheel sensor code. I look forward to any help I can get and would really appreciate it.
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