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  1. Hey all , New to the forum. Picked up a 14 1500 High Country and been lurking awhile, Followed Pgamboa's wiring diagram and installed aftermarket power fold tow mirrors. Been working great! I just picked up a set of factory power running boards and looking to install. Love to buy Harness Dr's plug and play harness but being in Canada, the dollar is soo terrible that with the harness and the price I paid for the boards, I'm gonna be touching AMP research costs. I've sourced most of the plugs needed I believe, each plug for the Dri/Pass boards and the 2 plugs on the module attached to the Drivers board. However my question is in what else is required to make these work on a 14-15 MY Chev. I understand that the GMLAN and other connector are not in the plug under the hood? Any wiring diagrams from the 4 wires that comes from the module on the drivers side board into the truck on this 2014 would be appreciated! Also the dash switches have to be swapped out to cancel the boards from extending? Cheers!
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