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  1. Having the same problem, did the synthetic fluid help?
  2. FIXED!! Ended up being the rear U joint...it was solid.. but when drive shaft was removed the U joint didn't flop around freely like it should. Strange the vibration was coming through the steering wheel?? Truck now drives like new given all the parts I replaced.
  3. New to this form, I'm sure this topic may have been covered before...but here it goes, I'm having a slight vibration in my steering wheel at 50 mph, which I've been chasing for about a year and half now. I know this is usually an unbalanced or tire issue....don't believe this is the case here. Work done - tires were road force balanced, New brakes rotors and pads, all new ball joints, pitman, idler arms and idler bracket, shocks, intermediate shaft and shaft bearing, passenger wheel hub, wheel alignment...after all this, I just purchased brand new Michelin defenders thinking the culprit was the old tires, which were Goodyear SR-A's. Had a reputable shop check the truck out, they said the front end is rock solid. Any ideas of what else would cause this mild vibration(steering wheel)? Overall truck is in great shape but this issue is starting to drive me nuts
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