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  1. Does this update fix the intermittent black screen?
  2. Has anyone paid attention to possible triggers that lead to the head unit not functioning? For example I have a 2020 Sierra 1500 Denali and when my screen goes out I get a black screen with a red triangle with a red exclamation point inside of it which is an Android OS crash icon. I noticed this weekend that every time my head unit crashes the first indicator will be that the Denali logo which normally flashes when I unlock my truck and the dash display turns on, it doesn't come on, the dash display turns on but with just a black screen where it would normally show the Denali logo then it will load the gauges and the head unit will show me the red icon over the black screen. Does anyone know how the dash start up is connected to the head unit? It seems as if the bug is a software/firmware bug that crashes upon startup of the OS or it could possible be driven by a bad shut down sequence when we turned the car off that leads to an unrecoverable crash that take a while to reset. On my truck the head unit will come back after I drive around for a bit and shut the truck down and let all systems shut down completely before I turn it back on. Today was the first day where I started measuring distance traveled and time elapsed between crashes and being able to recover. The only time it crashed today it recovered after 23 miles traveled in about 30 minutes. I did check at mile 3 and about 10 minutes of travel time to see if that was enough time to recover and it hadn't so next time it crashes I'll record the same distance and time to see if we can zero in on the recovery time. Wonder if we can find out what the denali dashboard logo and OS starting up sequence ties into the head unit.
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