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  1. I got a 2010 5.3, getting rid of afm soon and right now I’m looking at a 212/218 cam, but I was wondering with everyone else’s experience with 07-13 Silverado’s at what size did you have to get a new converter or what would you suggest from the research you’ve done, I’m also looking at 2 more cams smaller that 212/218, just still learning how to read and understand cam numbers, thanks in advance( also I’m looking for more low end torque over hp if anyone has suggestions pertaining to this subject)
  2. I plan on doing a Texas speed dod/ afm delete, but keeping vvt and when I do that, if not at the same time within the next year, I want to mill down my heads for more compression in turn more torque, port them and such. From Texas speeds Dyno test the 212/218 cam will produce better low end torque while the 216/220 will give you horses, so my question is, if I’m looking for torque over horsepower should I go ahead and get the 216/220 to match the milled heads or the 212/218 for torque gains
  3. Yeah that’s what I’m seeing on Texas speed 212-218 and 216/220 would the 216/220 be to big where’d I’d have to start upgrading more parts?
  4. Ok thank you but now on the case of cams, I’ve also heard going to big kills low end torque is this true
  5. I can’t find much on this but I’d like my truck to have more torque, I think it’d just be more badass and I tow close to capacity Not so much horsepower, I’m not trying to race , anyways from what I understand diesels have high compression which equals torque, so say I ported the intake on my heads and kept my stock exhaust manifolds, made my exhaust something like a dual H pipe, would that create more compressionand back pressure and in turn would that create more torque. And 2 if possible, if it was too much compression could the engine take it and would I be able to replace valves and spri
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