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  1. My 2021 3.0 was extremely quiet for the first 400 miles and then it started under light acceleration and light deceleration like when I am going stop sign to stop sign in a 25 mph area around where we live. It is like the pistons are hitting the cylinder head. It is really loud. Our Grand Cherokee eco diesel does not sound like that and I never heard any of my 7 Ram's with Cummins motors do it either.
  2. Eugene Walsworth, You have the X4. The cover has been updated and is now the X4S. The way the plastic buckles attach has been fixed and works very well now. There are no longer any felt pieces to get wet as well as a few other improvements. I cannot test to water entry until we get our winter rains but so far it seems about normal. No cover is water tight but if it keeps the bulk out and is mostly around the tailgate and front of the bed where it will drain is about all you can wish for from any cover.
  3. I have had one for about 5-6 weeks and really like it. The folding ones block the rear window and brake light as stated above. I have had the canister ones and while loosing 8-10 inches is no big deal with an 8' bed I did not want to give that space up in a 6.6 bed and I really would not want to in the really short beds that most of you all have. The other nice thing is how flush it sits. I would guess its only about 1/8 inch above the rails. and takes up hardly any bed space. The only down fall if it is one is that it is either open or closed and there is no middle ground but it is a small price for such a great cover. Install is easy as well.
  4. That would depend on what you use but my Volvo semi truck came from the factory with a screen behind the grill so I am certain something could be used on a pickup. IMG_4908.HEIC
  5. Has anyone purchased or made a screen to protect the radiator from rocks and bugs etc...? The grill on either GM truck looks to offer little to no protection.
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