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  1. I emailed eibach to see what their spring rates are on the 2.0 kits. Yukon vs Sierra etc.
  2. That’s good info as well. I do have a lower spacer installed now, along with the accompanying rear block. I was hoping to match up the stance pretty close to current to avoid having to change out the rear block. The lighter spring def might help smooth out the ride some. Your saying use the block and stock height slot to avoid preloading the lighter spring, did I understand that right? I know our 2015 2wd LTZ suburban rides good on hwy. But the magnetic ride isn’t really a fair or appropriate comparison. But i assume it prob has the lighter springs.
  3. Thanks, that makes sense. I may just wait for the 6112. A bit more reading leads me to believe they might be the best option for me. It seems they maybe take advantage of the larger shock body and it’s increased damping ability and pair it with a bit lighter, more linear spring to provide a balanced on road ride and decent off road ability. I just can’t see myself taking the next step to a midrange full custom setup, especially given its age and mileage. One thing is for sure, the stock shocks are way past done and whatever I chose will undoubtedly be an improvement.
  4. https://eibach.com/us/2282/E86-23-032-01-20-GMC-Sierra-1500-pro-truck-coilover Anyone use these on a 14-18? I searched and haven’t found a lot of info for these year models. I found these while searching for an alternative to waiting for bilstein 6112s. Seems nobody knows when the 6112s will be back in stock. I know they make quality stuff, I think the 6112 springs are from them actually, but just wondering if anyone has first hand experience. I also looked at fox 2.0 but I like that the eibachs can actually be adjusted on truck. Steel bodied vs aluminum body.
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