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  1. Been having intermittent no start problem, no engine lights are on, no security lights are on, I can start it like normal put it in 4 wheel drive and it kills the engine , sometimes start right back up, other times it wont.I can drive it for a few days and have no problems then wham. Everything comes on ok in dash it seems. I can let it sit and go back out in an hour or even day later and it will start just like normal after it wont start . I cleaned grounds, new starter, replaced relay and still same issue.. I don't have any codes coming up either.. Not sure what the issue is and hope may
  2. I can not thank you enough Silveradosid , you are the man Took me right to the issue Thank you very much
  3. Lost power to both taillights. where does the power source come from to run tail lights ? Dont seem to have power at the junction block . Any help is appreciated Thank you
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