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  1. Never got the gauges but did have my mechanic drop the pan and replace the gasket(oil leak) and oil oring. Pressure more than doubled; now 21 at hot idle and 40 at full temp. Unfortunately the tech found a layer of 3 mm of shiny/glittery metal(not chunks) at the bottom of the pan. So some sort of engine wear. Also, changed the spark plugs. Terrible! The worst one is not even in the picture. But the good looking one was just from 10 miles of driving. I wanted to change it because I had a cylinder 3 misfire-it was before I took it to the mechanic. Now After driving 40 miles no
  2. Thanks for the reply. So the first adapter from Amazon screws into where the oil filter goes and the filter goes on top of this? On the second one, wouldn't a pressure tester kit come with an adapter or just plug the guage right where the sensor goes? I saw how the adapter from Amazon works. Will get it tomorrow.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I Changed out both sensor and filter( both ac delco). No change. I drove to max running temp then low pressure warning light came on. Also, engine light came on while driving but right when I got back to my house after the 5 mile drive it went out. It is on again and confirmed with a cylinder 3 misfire.
  4. I just bought a 2005 4.8 Sierra xtra cab, after driving a Ford Ranger(Mazda B4000) for 20 years. One thing I noticed when I test drove it was the oil pressure guage was stuck at 80lbs. I did not think anything of it except I figured the pressure sensor would most likely be the culprit. Otherwise I thought it drove great. Today I bought a Standard Ignition brand sensor from Oreillys that had good reviews. Once I got it home I noticed it did NOT come with a crusher washer but a washer with a rubber inner that pushed over the threads. I double checked with the picture on Oreillys and it did show
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